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Our Proprietary Option Scanner

OptionHacker scans thousands of option orders each day to apply the same proprietary filters used by professional market makers. The result is a series of real-time signals for trades placed by hedge funds, banks, and other major institutions accounting for the most ‘unusual’ options activity.

Unusual option activity is often a precursor to market-moving events – major announcements, rating changes, even takeover acquisitions. Unlike equity markets, option markets have no dark pools or means of-exchange liquidity. This high degree of transparency makes option markets an excellent gauge for investor sentiment and money flow.

Via a web-based pop-up OptionHacker delivers 15-25 options signals each trading session based on the most unusual activity. With average latency of <100 milliseconds from the time of the original order fill, OptionHacker offers traders unparalleled actionable insight into the biggest hedge fund trades. OptionHacker - the virtual equivalent of looking a trader for George Soros or Carl Icahn while they click their mouse.
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