Gold Level Membership

A membership for the intermediate trader. Gold Level members will receive all of the benefits offered to Silver Level members including:

Both of our best-selling e-books!

“The World’s Best Technical Indicator: The Ichimoku Cloud”
This is our top selling e-book on our favorite technical indicator. This book is full of practical knowledge relating to the cloud that a trader can apply to any trading plan and any product.

“How You Can Make Millions Trading Stocks and Options Just Like Me”
Our best-selling e-book in which our Head Trader Andrew Keene reveals the keys to his sustained success trading equity options. In this book Andrew will reveal his personal stock and options trading plan that has made him millions of dollars in profit while trading on the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

Daily Portfolio Spreadsheet Updates

Members will receive an updated list of all of Andrew’s current open positions twice daily. This list will include all of his entries and exits along with detailed breakdowns of all new entries and exits he places during the day. Spreadsheet is sent directly to member’s inboxes and allows for traders to track Andrews trading.

Daily Market Videos and Top 3 Trades

Members will have exclusive access to Member Only Trading Videos, great for any level of trader from Beginner 101 to Expert. These videos are not viewable anywhere else, not YouTube, the Blog, or Facebook. Member also will also receive a daily video where Andrew breaks down his top 3 trades for the day. Videos are filmed daily and will detail KOTM’s top trades every single day!

In addition to these amazing benefits, Gold Level Members also receive access to:

Subscription to our Trade Alert Service

Trade Alert Subscribers will receive real-time trades (entries, exits, and fills), other trading ideas, and unusual option activity from our head trader Andrew Keene in real time. The virtual equivalent of looking over the shoulder of a professional options trader, you can receive the alerts via Twitter, text, or email.