Hidden Market Reveals… Wall Street’s Secret Trades


It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new or a seasoned pro.
By the time we finish this webinar, you’ll know what to do.
If you’re looking for a ‘pandemic proof’ trading plan, don’t miss this training.

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  • Why trading forex and futures is like playing the computer in chess, you will never win
  • How trading Unusual Options Activity helps put math and probability in your corner
  • How a trader could LEGALLY make up to 700% profits in days
  • Master the tips and tricks the Hedge Funds do NOT want you to know
  • Why call buying is not always bullish, and put buying not always bearish
  • How to read options volume versus open interest, and why average stock volume is important
  • When a position is ‘opening’ or ‘closing’
  • Keene’s trading plan for looking at open interest, chart, risk, reward, break-even, time, and target for potential trade setups