Cam at the Close 2.2.12

Orange_Black_ChartIt was a very choppy day in the markets today with no clear direction. Gold and Silver continue to show signs of strength. GLD closed up another 0.87% to $171.05 while its crazy cousin silver closed up 2% to $33.41. It appears as though Natural Gas (UNG) has made a short-term bottom around $5.00. UNG closed up 7.32% to $5.42. It carried many names up with it. Alpha Natural Resources (ANR) broke its 20-dma and closed up over 7% to $21.66. The most explosive natural gas play today was GMX Resources (GMXR). The stock gapped up 10% to $1.10 in the morning and then EXPLODED 50% higher to $1.54 by the end of the close. The stock traded 13 million shares, which is 13-15x normal volume.  Watch this name closely for tomorrow; there could be a continuation. Over the last two days, the SPY has failed to rally into the close. This is a shift from the normal behavior that we have seen so far in 2012.