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Here's What Our Students and Customers Are Saying About AlphaShark Trading

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"The Elliott Wave Indicator Suite and Boot Camp is a tremendous value. It's price was a fraction of many indicators I have purchased in the past which often confused more than helped. This Elliott Wave Suite is so powerful that it makes most all of my other indicators now make more sense and useful in that it provides a much more probable directional path to follow.

This Elliott Wave Indicator Suite is a must have and at this low price is such a no brainer for even the newest trader and investor. It will make any experienced trader much better and is so powerful that it could allow the new investor to put total control of their investments in their own hands."

Richard A.

"Before I joined KeeneOnTheMarket I was a clueless trader that struggled to find consistency. Since signing up for the KOTM options education course I now understand the intricacies of options trading and am finally growing my account using unusual options activity, and weekly options as day trading vehicles. Due to the well articulated educational material, I've quickly learned about greeks, spreads and using options to grow an account and maximize my return on investment. Without KOTM and its excellent options education course, I would still be floundering as a trader. But because of the excellent presentation and vast array of information, I've been able to break through as a trader and finally become profitable."

Frank C.

"This really is the best live trading room out there. If you want to stop losing money, join the room and watch Andrew trade his own account in real time. You actually learn in the trading room, and the chat box is interactive. The educational videos that come with this are so good, they changed my way of thinking - to the upside! Seriously, I've subscribed to a lot of stuff over the years. This is the real deal."

Kim K.

"My thoughts on being a room member for about 7 months now. I lost money last year. Starting in Jan I told myself I was only going to trade what AK, JR and WEB do. I follow them about 90% of the time and do some on my own trades and I have crushed it this year. I know its hard to have the discipline to listen to someone else when it comes to your money but these guys give you a very good advantage on making money , they know what they are doing."

John L.

"I've made more money this year than I have the previous 3 years of trading combined! KOTM has helped me better understand not only the mechanics of options but confidence and perspective on trading."


"Thanks to KOTM, I made great day-trade profits on LUV, AAL and ED. I made $1281 of profits in LUV for a 48% return, $2859 of profits in AAL for a 43% return and $780 of profits on ED-which I got in on a day late - for a 32% return."


"I have been following Andrew and James for about 6 months and have learned and made more in those 6 months then in the last 15 years on my own. Options are great and show what is really going on. It's great to see what the 'smart' money is buying and then follow along with them."


"KOTM is the best investment I have made in trading the market. I am making money and learning so much at the same time. I'm impressed with the knowledge and transparency demonstrated by Andrew and James. They work hard to help you learn to trade successfully."

David W.

"I am very pleased with Andrew Keene and his trading strategy. I tried other rooms in which the host shows up a total of 2 hours a week, and I was losing money watching their trading strategies. I have been with KeeneOnTheMarket for about a month and I can honestly say, I am sleeping at night now: my accounts are profitable. With the addition of OptionHacker coupled with Andrew's insight about the various underlying, my Unusual Option Activity trades are now more predictable and more profitable. Thank you KOTM!"

Jokie M.

"Really the key is the way ANDREW KEENE has tweaked OPTION HACKER to where we only get some of the most active and profitable SET UPS and although he CAN'T click your mouse he gives us all the opportunity to make large sums of money. I have been with him for 2 MONTHS and doubled my account ALREADY!!!"

Kevin C.

"Andrew, I am a member and have enjoyed your service Big Time!!! I am a relic of the old day trading of Nasdaq 5000, and your approach has opened up a new side for me... with options, and your indicators. Your filters on Options alert, got me ITMN yesterday, which was best trade i have had since 2005."

Eric H

"When I attended Andrew's workshop in late September 2013, I immediately saw the power of implementing trades triggered by unusual options activity so I signed up for the 30 day trial. What I did not realize at the time is just how powerful that strategy would be once implemented! Today marks one month since I started employing Andrew's trades and my account has grown 40%. Results don't lie, and this is what I call results!! Today alone, I am staring at just over a double on the GNC trade Andrew tweeted this morning. Thank you, Andrew, for sharing your expertise and providing an outstanding service. I work full time and trade when I am able, so I have not had time to take the earnings workshop, but am looking forward to even better profits once I am able to learn those strategies!!"

Elliott C

"I am Courtney I am from Austin Texas, I am not an experienced trader.I am grateful I found KOTM This has been the best tool to understand the option market. The trading room has been my best experience. I have made more than $60,000 using just $40,000 from my account.I think once someone really understands the quality of the service and the experience of the people running the service they will join in a second.I feel really good because I have learned so much in so short time. Some trades I made using the unusual option report: WYNN, FTR, CLNE, TK, WFC. I will be happy to talk to anyone by phone or email and give my testimonial in person. I've accomplished a lot since I subscribed to the service and this testimonial is the least I can do for KOTM for all the good things that I had achieve."

Courtney from Austin, Texas

"I have been a member of several trading rooms over the last 5 years, and KOTM is the real deal. Andrew at KOTM is a seasoned CBOE market maker who trades with his own money live in the room. His 'no account blowout' method has given my trading account new signs of life. Andrew analyzes each potential trade live and explains why he takes the trade or passes. With a couple of earnings trades during my first 2 weeks in the room I was able to cover my entire 6 month membership. Even if you never make a trade, the price of admission is well worth the education, I highly recommend KOTM!"

Steve M

"When I first joined the KOTM trading room all I wanted to do was follow Andrew's trades. I had no interest in getting an education on how the options markets work and how to trade options on my own. Within a few weeks of being in the room I could not believe how much I had learned. I am now able to understand how to minimize my risk and place my own trades, all because of Andrew. Andrew truly cares about his members and makes sure they understand all the risks and rewards for all trades. Had I not found Andrew I probably would have lost my entire account placing risky options trades with no risk management. I highly recommend the KOTM trading room for Andrew's trades and just as important his ability to teach you the options trading market."

Derek P