1 on 1 Mentoring

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We can offer apiring traders live 1 on 1 mentoring via the web or in person in our Chicago Offices adjacent to the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Students would recieve education from 11 year veteran options trader Andrew Keene and his staff on topics that are essential to a trader’s success. Students could also purchase 1 on 1 mentoring with James Ramelli, KOTM futures and options trader, at a discounted rate.

Available Courses are shown below: 




Give us a call for more information at 312-261-5581



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Apple Declining Over Tax Worries? 12.17.12

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As much as it pains me to say this, the fiscal cliff can actually have a large impact on Apple as taxes on their capital gains and dividends are likely to rise next year from the current 15% tax rate. Next years expected tax rate for Apples capital gains and dividends is 35%. Yes, this means that the giant cash pile of $120 billion will be taking some hits, and investors sure do not want to keep playing the Apple ‘miracle’ game much longer.

The stock is up 150% since the start of 2010, and if you’ve got gains like this as an investors your going to take some chips off the table. The whole point is to make money and lock in profit on the way up. So, this entire decline is a result of sellers locking in profit because they don’t want to keep all the chips on the table for next years higher taxes. And on the flip side, the buying volume is very weak because the buyers are sitting on the sideline waiting to see how the fiscal cliff negotiations turn out.

Author: Peter Nitso


Rumors of Delays are Circulating AAPL TV 12.10.12

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AAPL may be planning to modernize the television set, but doing so may take longer than expected. Many people are wondering what AAPL has planned for the Apple TV. Some earlier rumors have suggested that it will resemble an advanced version of the current Apple TV set-top box, and would act similarly to a cable box. Some rumors go as far as to claim that AAPL is building a complete Apple television set. The development of the Apple TV may be in the works, but there have been several rumors suggesting that its release will be delayed. If AAPL was to launch its own live television through a cloud-based cable box, it would have to first reach a deal with the cable companies regarding content rights distribution. This could prove to be a challenging task considering that cable companies may be reluctant to work with AAPL in fear of eventually losing market share. It is doubtful that the well-established TV broadcasting companies want to be competing directly with AAPL since it has dominated practically every market it has entered. Before his passing, Steve Jobs had said that he was not particularly fond of teaming up with regional cable operators. Their lack of reach could create a variety of operational problems. Despite being referred to as a self-proclaimed “hobby”, AAPL continues to display a growing interest in the TV broadcasting market. It will probably be quite some time before AAPL actually cuts a deal with one of the major cable companies. Negotiating a deal will be the major setback for AAPL and likely delay the company’s intentions to offer live TV. Piper Jaffray analyst, Gene Munster, estimates a release for the Apple TV set to be during November of 2013. It may take longer for AAPL if they don’t find a cable company to partner up with soon.

Author: Tyler Sciortino 

email: tsciortino@mail.roosevelt.edu

Cancellation Policy

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  • If you would like to to cancel your purchase of any Premium Subscriptions or Trading Room Membership please send us a request via our contact us page
  • Cancellation requests must be issued at least 3 days prior to your established billing date. This will allow us enough time to review your purchase / membership and issue a stop payment before you are billed.
  • It is the subscriber’s responsibility to ensure the suitability and compatibility of any hardware or software that is required to access the Trading Room.
  • Refunds for will be issued at the discretion of the KeeneOnTheMarket.com management, but are not guaranteed.

Trading Room Access

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To purchase your Trading Room Membership Call Andrew Keene @ 312.576.3210

[readon url=”https://keeneonthemarket.omnovia.com/”]Access KOTM Live Trading Room[/readon]

Login Instructions:

  • When you signed up through our Paypal checkout, You will receive an initial email from, Andrew Keene :System@omnovia.com, with Login instructions. 
  • Please give us up to 24 hrs to confirm your payment and grant you access to the Trading Room 
  • Use the temporary password that was assigned and the email you selected to Log into our KOTM conference center
  • Join the Authorized KOTM Trading Room to join our Daily Educational Webcast


To change your Login Information:

  • Log in with the above instructions
  • Before entering the KOTM Trading room, select Admin Page on the top menu bar
  • Select Modify Personal Information to change :
  1. First, Last Name
  2. Login email
  3. Password
  4. Thumbnail Picture


To gain Access to the KOTM Trading Room Through Android, iPad,  iPhone or iPod touch:

  • Download the free Omnovia Web Conference Mobile app
     iTunes  : Here 
    Android  : Here
  • Use the same Login Information to gain access

Trouble accessing Live Trading Room:
Email Andrew@keeneonthemarket.com directly. We will respond as soon as possible.
Call our office 312.576.3210

Cancellation Policy


To purchase your Trading Room Membership Call Andrew Keene @ 312.576.3210


 Trading Room Daily Schedule


8:00—8:30am: Pre-Market Scan


8:30—10:00am: Andrew Keene Trades
Live Market Analysis and Unusual Options Activity Flow
Live Day Trading & Swing Trades Using a Propetiary Trading Plan  


12:00—1:30pm: Chat Form with Unusual Option Activity and Live Trades


11:00—12:00am: Andrew Keene Trades
Live Market Analysis and Unusual Options Activity Flow
Live Day Trading & Swing Trades Using a Propietary Trading Plan  


12:00—1:30pm: Chat Form with Unusual Option Activity and Live Trades


1:30—3:30pm: Andrew Trades into the Close
Andrew discusses Earnings and Propetiary Trading Plan


*all times are in CST


KOTM in the Press

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KeeneOnTheMarket.com and its contributers are consistently featured on CNBC, Bloomberg and CBOE TV. However we are always looking for additional affiliate marketing and welcome any requests to partner for webinars, television shows or radio spots. Feel free to contact our PR department if you would ever like to Andrew Keene to appear on/in any media appearances. 

News Coverage

As on of CBOE’s most recognized faces in the media, Chicago-based Andrew Keene appears regularly as a commentator for numerous national and local financial television and radio networks. Additionally, Andrew is often quoted in various online publications and featured on many financial & trading blogs, including the new CBOE Community. Featured Below is a Partial representation of his work in the media.


CNBC is a recognized world leader in business news, providing real-time financial market coverage and business information to more than 340 million homes worldwide. Since 2009, Andrew Keene has appeared frequently on the network, generally just before the markets open on Squawk on the Street.


Bloomberg News reports on the issues that matter to financial and business professionals – when they happen, from where they happen. Watch Andrew Keene weekly on Bloomberg TV as he provides his expert analysis of the markets, typically at the close of the day, on the Street Smart. Additionally, Andrew has been asked to provide his take on market trends, volatility and trading strategies in today’s marketplace; his quotes can be found in various articles on Bloomberg.com




Andrew has been featured in many apperances with BNN, Business News Network, which is Canada’s only all business and financial news channel.  BNN features live interviews with CEOs, as well as financial and market professionals across North America and around the world.


CBOE Chicago Board of Options Exchange


Andrew just recently received his own show on CBOETv, “Unusual Options Activity Report.”  Andrew is fortunate to have had a great working relationship with CBOE for over a decade. He continues to be one of the most frequent guests on CBOEtv’s In the Money and recently filled in as a guest host on the networks’s Premarket Pluse. In late summer 2011, Andrew was asked to offer his insights to the highly anticipated new blog, CBOE Community.


First Business

Andrew Keene began working with nationally syndicated First Business in early 2011 and enjoys being interviewed weekly on the network’s chart Talk and Trader Talk. While he currently shoots his appearances live from the CBOE, he looks forward to spending some time in their studio.



Andrew is proud to provide Minyanville with Earnings articles and videos twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday.  He is the only contributor that includes videos with this highly reputable website.  


Andrew does articles and for the OptionsProfit.com section of TheStreet.com.  TheStreet is a leading digital financial media company whose network of digital services provides users, subscribers and advertisers with a variety of content and tools through a range of online, social media, tablet and mobile channels.  He writes twice a week usually unusual options activity and also provides them with daily Video Recaps in Futures, AAPL, Goog, and all Earnings stocks.