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SequenceShark for thinkorswim

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AlphaShark’s SequenceShark, exclusive to ThinkOrSwim, is the newest and most comprehensive trading system toolset published by our current coder. This indicator solves nearly all conceivable problems option, equity and futures traders face on a daily and intraday basis!

Features include:

  • Dynamic plotting of multiple support and resistance levels as price action moves along. This enables the user to know a concrete estimate of what their Risk/Reward Ratio is at any given time for long positions, short positions and perhaps best, puts and calls!
  • Combining the sequence based trend calculation with S/R levels and the included Accumulation/Distribution Oscillator makes trading this toolset a simple 1, 2, 3 sequence. First, a new trend and S/R level is established indicating entry is possible, second, once the trend has persisted long enough the potential for momentum, continuation or reversal can all be readily identified and handled properly by the trader. Finally, third, the indicator clearly identifies exhaustion of the trend and provides a clear exit signal.
  • Additionally, the indicator toolset includes both a TOS OptionScanner and Watchlist scanner designed to identify particular option contracts with an exceptionally high Risk/Reward Ratio.

71 Percent Win Rate with the Rate of Change Indicator

Rate of Change Indicator

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Everything in trading is based on the Rate of Change when trading stocks, options, and futures. This Indicator takes the Boilinger Band and MACD to the next level by combing a derivative of each to calculate the market makers one day expected move into your charts and watch list.

Included is a price action zone study alerting traders when to buy and sell. A trend ribbon that works for day trading and swing trading with candle color variations for bull/bear trend reversals. A watch list indicator combing the market makers expected move with real time price targets updating in real time.