Halftime Report for 2.10.2012

Bill Gross is bullish on the treasury market in 2012. However, he did miss credits biggest move in 2011.  Should we fade Bill Gross’s trade? Fighting the Fed has not been profitable as they continue to print money at zero cents on the dollar. 

In US equities, there seems to be a shift into high flying tech names such as Dell and IBM. Apple is one of those names that can play both sides of the fence, risk on and risk off. Apple is a safe haven name that investors flee when we are in a risk off environment. Cooperman raises its stake in Rimm thinking there is limited downside.

LinkedIn’s volume exploded to the upside as the stock is trading up 17%. LNKD earnings were good, but not great. Their guidance seemed conservative. The new product outlook is encouraging. LNKD reported that it earned $13.3 million, or 12 cents per share on revenue of $167.7 million for its fiscal fourth quarter and we think it could be a possible short squeeze.