Halftime Report for 2.8.2012

In unusual options acitivity we see a trader buy LOGM Feb 40 Puts when the stock was trading $41.60 for $1.20, then they bought more of these Puts for $1.90, $2.20, and now they are $2.50 bid.  WOW, I traded to buy Puts in March, but with the markets so wide I did not get on this trade.  The stock has traded 212 times usual volume, now that is a trade.  Also, we a trader bought 2145 RGC Feb 12.5 Calls for $.65, so in this stock I bought the March 12.5 Puts for $.35 and also bought stock at $13.02.  This accounted for 9.2 times usual volume.  Other than that just taking profits in SOL and YGE, but have not traded too much today.  Look for my tweets later in day to get my earnings trades in AKAM, CSCO, and GRPN.  

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