Morning Rage 2.7.2012

RageZombieMonday, U.S equities finished flat for the day. Brent traded and settled at a $2 premium to WTI. The Euro traded in a narrow trading range for most of the day at the 1.3 level. Is all the bad news priced in the Euro or will the market witness more “headline risk” in the near future? The USD traded higher all day and finished near its Fri highs. While the world is awaiting Greek PSI negotiations to conclude.. The S&P had its lowest “non-holiday” volume trading day in over 10 years. Overseas market moving events for Tues trading include Germany IP #/Taiwan exports and Merkel will give a speech on Europe’s future.  In U.S markets, Lazard, Yum brands, and Anadarko are reporting Tues. Bernanke will testify before congress regarding the budget.