Trade of the Day (FXE) 6.11.2012

Unprofitable:  I lose money on this trade if FXE closes above $125.25 June 15, 2012.  The most I can lose on this trade is the amount the Spread can be worth $1 minus the price I sold it for $.25 for a total of $.75.

Reason I Like This Trade:  I like to sell premium on the weekly options and I will sell the Euro and FXE on any rally.  The best part of this trade that I do not lose money until this Stock .8% to the upside.  So, I can make money on the trade, if the stock is flat, down, or even higher. 

UPDATE 6.13.2012  The FXE is rallying above $125, but I still think it is a sale on any rally.  This Spread is currently only worth $.45, but if it expired right now it would only be worth $.30.  I will leave this trade on until Friday.

UPDATE 6.27.2012  This Spread expired worth $.60 and I took this trade off and moving on to the next trade.

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