Understanding Options 101

I bought 10 Feb weekly 30 Straddles for $3.50. I bought 10 Feb 30 Calls for $2.25 and 10 Feb 30 Puts for $1.25.  So my breakeven on this trade is $26.50 or $33.50.  So if the stock sells off under $26.50 I will be profitable, but I can either buy stock against my position to lock in the Feb 30 Puts that will expire into short stock after today or I could sell the Puts out.  Since options close at 3PM and stock trades until 7PM CST I bought stock against my spread.  So, last night I bought 30% of my stock back, or 300 shares at $26.50.  As the learning process is, when I buy Puts and buy Stock I create a Call.  So, I converted 3 on my Feb 30 Puts to Calls by buying stock.  So, going into today I am long 13 Feb 30 Calls and long 7 Puts.  Today, APKT was off to the races and I sold stock against my Calls on the averaged price of $32.  So, lets look at a breakdown on expiration:

Bought 10 Feb 30 Calls for $2.25, Selling Stock at $32 is the same as selling the Calls at $2 after expiration, so $.25 loser 10 times= Loss of $250

Bought 10 Feb 30 Puts for $1.25, these will expire worthless= Loss of $1250

Bought 300 shares of Stock at $26.50 and sold it at $32= +$1650

This trade ended up as a $100 winner for a 10 lot, by “scalping” stock in afterhours made this trade from a loser to a winner.  Hope this helps for Options 101